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"Our work speaks for itself because every job we do has our reputation on display"

Sleek & Beautiful


At Lyons Plastering, we use our own in house scaffolding. This allows us to utilize our own equipment and pass the savings on to you. Just need scaffolding? Let us give you a quote today!

Sleek & Beautiful

New or Re-Stucco

Whether you need your stucco patched, want a fresh new stucco finish, or are building a brand new custom home, Lyons Plastering will deliver the highest quality finish.

Sleek & Beautiful

Drywall and Plaster

"Old school" interior plaster, with a modern twist. Lyons Plastering uses time tested techniques with new-age materials. We also install drywall with exceptional attention to detail.

Featured Projects

Sleek & Beautiful

$250 Million Bel Air Estate

All exterior Stucco and interior Drywall completed by Lyons Plastering

Sleek & Beautiful

Impeccable attention to Detail

Custom home with our custom colors

Sleek & Beautiful


Custom Modern Beauty

Sleek & Beautiful

La Canana Flintridge